Westchester ATM  Program Options



Merchant Owner Program - You purchase an ATM machine from Westchester ATM. You own it. We will install it and provide training. You fill it and you make 100% of the transaction fee that you set. All we do is process the transaction on the backend.




Vaulting Service Program - You purchase the ATM machine from Westchester ATM. We will fill the machine with cash and monitor the activity on-line. You make a large percentage of each transaction fee. This is a great option for someone that wants to own a machine, make the most out of each transaction, but does not want to worry about handling the cash and monitor its activity each day.



Free Placement Program -
Westchester ATM offers a unique program to place ATMs at certain business locations with no expense to the merchant. Westchester ATM looks for high volume locations to place ATMs, free of charge. This allows you to earn revenue and increase foot traffic without having to incur the capital expense of purchasing an ATM machine and filling it with cash. We handle it all!



ATM Conversions / Reprograms
If you already have an ATM at your location, but would like to earn more from it, Westchester ATM can reprogram the machine to increase your revenue. As long as you own the terminal, Westchester ATM can convert virtually all ATM models and quickly enhance your income and improve your customer service.