Dial Up
A dedicated phone line is the traditional connectivity option for ATMs and offers a cost effective, reliable connection.

IP (High Speed)
An Internet Protocol connection offers a high speed option to ensure quick ATM transactions. This option eliminates the need to maintain a dedicated line for the terminal. ATM Router supports all locations that are IP Enabled or utilize T1, DSL or Cable. ATM IP Connect employs “plug and play” usability for an effortless installation without the need for additional software or programming. Westchester ATM boasts a variety of security standards such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocols and Triple DES Data Encryption to minimize risk.

For locations that do not have a dedicated phone line available and are not IP Enabled, the wireless solution is an ideal option. Westchester ATM can help you reduce the cost of operating your ATM and improve your transaction speed with a wireless router. Like an IP connection, the wireless option eliminates the need for a dedicated phone line as well as any associated phone bills. A wireless connection also provides the flexibility to place an ATM anywhere in the store!