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If you are a local business looking at accept credit cards or interested in lowering your current credit card processing fees, please hit the "contact us" tab. Fill out your information and we will get right back to you. Can’t wait….call us now…..(914) 490 3444


Westchester ATM has partnered up with Merchants Choice East, one of the largest nationwide credit card processor in the U.S. to offer you some of the most aggressive rates in the industry. Don't let some stranger over the phone try to sell you on savings, let us come to you!


In today's world, most merchants are being charged many different rates, based on the credit cards your customers are using. Don't get sucked in on a teaser rate that may account for less than 5% of your business. We have seen it all. We build our business on building honest and positive business relationships. Let us come by and review your statements. Let us work hard to get you the rates and savings you deserve.


We offer Dial-up and Ethernet terminals, mobile cellular or Wi-Fi units, and complete POS systems. You already have a terminal? We can re-program it and your back in business. This time putting more of your hard earned money back in your hands.


Most businesses have seen a 30% to 68% monthly savings over their current processor. There is no cost to review your rates and provide you with a proposal. Don't wait. Do not let another
month go by. It's your money! Contact us today!